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Mercer Private Markets

A reporting solution as flexible and individual as their own consulting services

Unique customers need unique solutions

Every customer is unique. That's why Mercer relies on the card of individuality. All its mandates are dynamic and adapt to the needs of its clients. The benefit for clients: they only pay for what they need, receive a tailor-made service package and still follow a consistent investment process.

In order to handle such a flexible offer, suitable software systems are required. Today, modern software must above all be expandable in order to react quickly to new and changed needs. The reporting software used by Mercer could no longer keep up. An alternative that offers more transparency, increases efficiency and saves costs was needed.

Simple and fast reporting

In 2011 we built this alternative for Mercer. With Mercer Publisher, data from multiple investment databases can be merged into comprehensive investment reports for customers and partners.

Mercer designs all report templates itself. Diagrams and colors visually enhance the reports and present complex data in an understandable way.

Finally, no report has to be prepared by an external partner. The report is created with just a few clicks. This saves a lot of coordination effort and has considerably simplified the monthly creation of reports.

Due to the success of the project, we have also been responsible for the internal data warehouse since 2012 and have been expanding it ever since. To this day, it forms the basis for the entire reporting system.

Mercer Private Markets AG

Is a leading, highly specialized advisor in the fields of private equity, real estate and infrastructure since 1996.

The company offers institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance companies tailored mandate solutions and funds of funds in the above mentioned asset classes.

Martin Schaufelberger,
Principal, Mercer Private Markets AG

«As an investment advisor offering institutional investors individual consulting solutions and tailor-made services, we are pleased to have found in K&W Software AG a partner who can adapt our data management and reporting solutions to new requirements quickly and agilely.»

Martin Schaufelberger,
Principal, Mercer Private Markets AG

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